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  Institute of Modern Practically Applied Kickboxing, Karate, Thaiboxing 

Want to know more about IMPAKT Kickboxing?

IMPAKT Kickboxing is NOT Thai Boxing (Muay Thai), Shotokan Karate, Freestyle Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Jui Jitsu, Krav Maga, Kickboxercise, Boxercise, Aerobics, Tae Bo, Khai Bo, the Martial Arts list goes on.
Kickboxing exists because during the 1970's, Martial Artists across the globe wanted a system whereby they could compete on an equal footing, that is to say, exponents in the West i.e. America and Great Britain could fight against fighters from the East i.e. Japan and Thailand using a system of rules and regulations which were acceptable to both parties. This action started a trend which we are familiar with today. Thus we have a system whereby fights are arranged all over the world following rules laid down by various Kickboxing Associations etc. These fights take place under Kickboxing Rules (fighters are allowed to kick to the inner and outer thigh along with kicks above the waist and normal boxing punches. No knee and elbow strikes), as well as Full Contact Rules (fighters must kick above the waist along with normal boxing punches. No knee and elbow strikes). These matches are held in a Kickboxing Ring over a set period of rounds determined by the level of importance of each match i.e. A novice fight may be only 2 or 3 rounds up to a world title fight of 10 or 12 rounds. These will then be decided by either a knockout, a technical knockout (referee stops the fight to avoid more punishment for a fighter), or a points decision delivered by the ringside judges. Other styles of fighting i.e. Light Continuous and Semi Contact are not really associated with Kickboxing but are more closely related to Freestyle Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do etc. Having said this you will still find associations that have these styles within their rules and regulations.

IMPAKT Kickboxing (Institute of Modern Practically Applied Kickboxing/Karate & Thaiboxing) has its own syllabus taken from the ring sport of Kickboxing whereby students will learn punches, kicks, blocks, knee, elbow strikes, self defence holds and throws along with various evasions, movement, foot work etc. in the luxury of a class situation. IMPAKT Kickboxing is a sport and Martial Art which concentrates on self defence and fitness as well as taking students through the grading procedure (progressing through the Belts etc.) and training both existing and up and coming fighters to compete in their chosen sport. Students are not forced to fight but are given the choice and on so deciding are given coaching and advice etc. Kickboxing is probably the most popular of all Martial Arts activities at the present time resulting in a huge uptake of this exciting and dynamic sport as the general public seems aware of the tremendous benefits to their fitness and well being along with the self defence skills learned. This system is quick and easy to learn without the need to master a foreign language as all classes are taught in English with all techniques having English names etc. The syllabus contains what is known as Combination Techniques performed solo: Pair Work or attack and defence with a partner and Padwork Combinations which are performed with a partner holding Arm Focus Pads. A typical class will consist of a warm-up taken by the instructor covering various aerobic and strength exercises together with various stretching exercises. At this point the class will pair up to do their Padwork (punching and kicking the pads in many different positions etc). Then usually we do some skipping (a brilliant aerobic exercise, not only for fitness but for footwork and coordination).
The remainder of the class will be reserved for syllabus training, sparring or whatever the instructor wants to concentrate on at that particular time. This is all then followed by a warm-down consisting of exercises and stretching before the class finishes.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing as a martial art combines smooth, flowing movements with sudden strikes emphasising power. With its vast range of kicks, punches, knee and elbow strikes, blocks and escape techniques, Kickboxing covers a broad spectrum of self defence and , as such, has an obvious attraction for men, women and children of all ages.


Why practice Kickboxing?

Some of the benefits that can be derived from the regular practice of Kickboxing by people of all ages are:

a) A practical method of Self Defence.

b) The promotion of physical fitness.

c) Strength and flexibility.

d) Awareness.

e) A strong social aspect where many friendships can be made.

f) Discipline.

g) Fun.

Many different styles of Kickboxing are practiced throughout the World.

IMPAKT Kickboxing is a well balanced system, using hands, feet, knees and elbows. Our students are able to participate in realistic combat without fear of injury since we use full safety equipment during sparring and a common sense approach throughout our classes. Our style includes powerful kicking and punching techniques, hand strikes, holds, throws and sweeps. We also spend a lot of time training with equipment etc.



You will receive first class instruction from qualified Black Belt, instructor's. 

Proficiency - how long?

Most people take up Kickboxing for self defence purposes and to get fit. We recognise this and teach practical self-defence from the start along with basic exercises which get more difficult as you progress. Gradings are taken about every three months but everyone has a different potential to learn. From past experience we have found that after 6 months or so, most students are achieving a good sound knowledge of self defence as well as benefiting from improved overall fitness and confidence.


What do I wear?

The club provides a quality Kickboxing training kit included in the membership. Nothing else is needed to start, as bare feet are the norm.


How fit do I have to be?

The majority of new students of all ages are unfit. We recognise this and will treat you as such. You will find that you will be able to get fitter and maintain this level, as well as becoming slimmer and firmer, through our unique training methods.


Is Kickboxing suitable for children?

YES! ! Without doubt, Kickboxing is one of the best pursuits a child can practice. With the high degree of discipline in the class, the child will learn to accept responsibilities, become more aware and self confident. Add to this the fitness and self defence benefits and you can see why so many parents are enrolling their children into Kickboxing classes. The majority of our Kickboxing classes, for children are separate from Adults classes. The age range for junior classes is Ages 6 to 15 years.

We have clubs located at various locations across Hertfordshire, for further details see class locations section.

Concerning women
Women are treated with the same respect in the class as anyone else and are encouraged to practice with men as this is more realistic when learning self defence skills. Women have shown a high degree of technical skill whilst training which is so important as they are generally not as strong as men but are usually more flexible and pay great attention to detail. Kickboxing is high on Aerobic fitness so one can achieve good body tone while improving overall fitness level.


Will I have to break wood?

In our system we do not emphasise wood and brick breaking, we concentrate on practical self defence.