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Fitness Facts:


Workouts that engage your full body burns more calories than any other form of aerobic activity. 

rated the following workouts and came up with these results:


* Estimated amount of expended calories based on body weight of 155lbs


Calories Burned Per 1 Hour

Exercise Amount
Kickboxing 744 calories
Boxing 674 calories
Jogging 596 calories
Cycling 520 calories
Stretching / Yoga 298 calories
Weight lifting 224 calories


What is IMPAKT Kickboxing?
IMPAKT Kickboxing (Institute of Modern Practically Applied Kickboxing/Karate/ Thaiboxing) is a Martial Art that has its own syllabus taken from the ring sport of Kickboxing whereby students will learn punches, kicks, blocks, knee and elbow strikes, holds and throws along with various evasions, movement, foot work etc. in the luxury of a class situation.


How fit do I have to be?
The majority of new students of all ages are unfit. We recognise this and will treat you as such. You will find that you will be able to get fitter and maintain this level, as well as becoming slimmer and firmer, through our unique training methods.


Is Kickboxing suitable for children?
YES! ! Without doubt, Kickboxing is one of the best pursuits a child can practice. With the high degree of discipline in the class, the child will learn to accept responsibilities, become more aware and self confident. Add to this the fitness and self defence benefits and you can see why so many parents are enrolling their children into Kickboxing classes.


What do I wear?
The club provides a quality Kickboxing training kit included in the club membership. Nothing else is needed to start, as bare feet are the norm.


When can I start? 
Take a look at our
'Class Locations' link on the left hand side of website to see which classes you are interested in attending, then from the 'Contact us at IMPAKT' link you can get in touch direct with the class instructor for details on whether spaces are available at the class of your choice.